Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Watch AS03E10 Awkward Season 3 Episode 10 free Online


Episode Name:Redefining Jenna
Air date:6/11/2013
Summary:Collin invites Jenna to a photography showcase at his house, causing tension between her and Matty.

The episode opened with a sufficiently awkward booty call between Hamilton and McKibbin. Jenna had done the dialing, but Matty was the eager beaver. Unfortunately, all of Jenna’s thoughts seemed to draw her to Collin, who’d discovered the key to her heart through fawning over talent as a writer. Matty, on the other hand, is a slow reader. The sex was amazing, but only because Jenna gave in to her fantasy. At school the next day, she turned to her besties for advice. Is it okay to fantasize about other guys when you’re in a relationship? Ming attempted to keep up the façade with her beard, Henry, so she denied ever drumming up thoughts of another, if only to keep Becca, aka Hello Kitty, at bay. Tamara, on the other hand, recalled her perfect fictitious romance with soul mate Niall and his smooth chest. Rosati (Brett Davern) only popped in for a quick blink-and-you-missed-it moment this week, getting shooed away by Tamara for fear of witnessing “tampon talk” among the ladies. In reality, he could never handle her celebrity crush. Boys are too sensitive.

You would have thought Jenna’s time in creative writing class with Mr. Hart (Anthony Michael Hall) would have been smooth sailing following her epic public blog reading on the episode prior. Instead, he seemed to be going even harder this week. Following her brave attempt at impressing the dictator, the entire class was assigned the task of writing a piece about “their first.” Everyone’s mind seemed to jump to sex, creeping Sadie the hell out.  True, the man only seems to give good grades to papers on under-aged sexual exploits. Sadie chose to write about the first time she was forced to shop retail. In her eyes, it was the equivalent of prison rape, anyway.


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