Wednesday, May 15, 2013

'Awkward Season 3, Episode 6. watch stream That Girl Strikes Again free online

'Awkward Season 3, Episode 6. watch stream That Girl Strikes Again free online

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Episode Name: That Girl Strikes Again
Air date: 5/14/2013
Summary: Matty moves in with the Hamiltons; Jenna is overwhelmed by Matty’s constant presence.

Jenna was starting to freak out over not getting any time to herself, and the story was handled in a pretty realistic way. The two both loved each other, and were trying to find a way to make this arrangement work. However, they were also both embarrassed and self-conscious, and hoping thus to find a way to keep some sort of romance alive.

In the end, the only way that they may have been able to do this (after an attempt at watching the worst “Harry Potter” “adaptation” ever) was for him to try and find a way to move back home, and in doing so, it at least feels almost like their romance has been restored again … for now. We still sense trouble, especially with a certain creative writing classmate of Jenna’s.

Also entertaining this week was the opportunity to see a pretty hysterical story involving Tamara and Sadie, as they had the world’s most prideful fight over who would be the first one to break down via a sleepover. These two characters are in some ways alike, which is what makes their interactions all the more ridiculous. We don’t think either party really gained anything from this, but that may be besides the point.

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